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Concrete Grinding and Sealing by Concrete Specialists

Concrete grinding can instantly transform tired, old concrete into a modern, smooth area. At a recent project on Auckland's North Shore, this customer's older style concrete patio had been water blasted and cleaned over a number of years, leaving the concrete rough and difficult to walk on. Much of the sharp aggregate stones within the concrete had become exposed on the surface of the patio. In order to improve both the appearance and texture of the concrete patio, Concrete Specialists NZ recommended concrete grinding and sealing with a protective coating.

There are a number of benefits to grinding and sealing concrete. One of the most important advantages is that the floor is left with a hard-wearing and durable surface, promising years of usage. Sealed concrete holds up well in high traffic areas and is easy to maintain. Concrete grinding and sealing is probably one of the most cost effective means of restoring concrete surfaces.

During the grinding process, Concrete Specialists NZ smoothed down the rough concrete surface using a heavy duty concrete grinding machine. Grinding exposes more of the flatter stone in various shades of colour. Once the rough concrete had been ground back sufficiently leaving a smooth, clean finish, 3 coats of protective sealant were applied, resulting in a new, elegant look for this concrete patio.