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Spencer Rd Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling

Working with RCS Construction Group Ltd, a large construction company that specialises in fixing and re-cladding leaky buildings, Concrete Specialists NZ were contracted to assist with a project on Auckland's North Shore.

These apartments on Spencer Road have had ongoing issues with leaks, and RCS Construction Group Ltd have been involved in this re-clad project since the beginning of 2014. Leaky buildings were generally built in the 1990's using methods that have not withstood New Zealand's weather conditions. As a result many of these buildings require a full re-clad to ensure they're weather-proof.

The team from Concrete Specialists NZ were responsible for the cutting of nib walls and decks on the apartments, as well as core drilling for proper drainage.

With work going ahead at full steam, the project should be completed by the end of the year.Spencer-Rd-Concrete-Cutting-and-Core-Drilling-2